Brooklyn Rockstar

by Jennifer Ann


I had a phase of lapping up everything that had the quintessential rock star vibe about it and then, I sort of mooched my way out of that particular genre and onto other options, but when the blurb on this one hit my screen, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

There was just something from those few short sentences that drew me to Charlie Walker and I knew I wouldn’t be able to put him down…and I am delighted to say that my hunch was right and this solid read had me hooked from start to finish.

Charlie Walker had it all and he knew it, he was the dictionary definition of a rock star but that wasn’t all that made up this broodingly sexy man.

Life as the frontman of Thrashtag might have ended for the time being but while he twiddled his thumbs and waited on the rest of the guys getting their acts together and the band actually getting back in the studio and on the road, he decides to dip his toe into the solo market.

And at his first solo gig, he gets more than he bargains for when he catches a glimpse of the beautiful Evelyn in the front row.

Evelyn is so out of her comfort zone, new to the city, she just oozes her country roots but was determined to enjoy her new found freedom and her recent move to the city, but did that include a smoking hot rock star and everything that being him would entail?

The connection between the two of them was very much mutual but could it be what they both needed. Could Evelyn understand everything that made up the madness of his life and see past it enough to understand that this emotionally complicated and caring man, really did love her or would his past and public persona drive a wedge between the two of them?

Would Charlie be able to cope with the crazy that Evelyn calls family, will he be able to deal with everything that she brings to his world, can they find their way to a happy ever after and if they can will it be a hard fought journey or will love smooth their way?

The author took a well-researched cast of characters and allowed them to morph into people who you couldn’t help but care about, they poured their hearts and souls onto the page and I couldn’t help but get caught up in the web that they were spinning.

The author is to be commended for a thoroughly entertaining read, it kept a steady tempo and pace and there were no lulls along the way.

I finished it pretty quickly but it was an evening well spent in very pleasant company.

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