The Rich Boy

by Kylie Scott

When two worlds collide, there is always going to be fall out, it is how you handle that fall out that proves to be the biggest test of all.
Beck and Alice were different worlds, and as much as they had their own issues to overcome, when they are faced with the effects that their backgrounds bring to the fore I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like what they had to face up to.
Alice was a force…a strong woman who was facing the world alone, without the help or support of those that should really be in her corner, she was determined to face everything that the big bad world could throw at her without the assistance of her family…set that beside Beck, the man who had a family that could potentially give him everything he could possibly desire but that he didn’t want and you were facing two juxtaposed characters who had a whole heap of issues to overcome.
Could they…well that remained to be seen but the lack of trust and the general off the scale angst that they ere mired in wasn’t going to make it easy.
A sound read that was well written and ultimately engaging, this was not what I anticipated but was enjoyable.

Topic: The Rich Boy by Kylie Scott

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