The Failing Hours

by Sara Ney

As much as I was I wanted to hate Zeke, after all the douchebag name tag was in many respects well deserved, I actually just couldn’t bring myself to believe that he was all that bad, I kept telling myself that there just had to be a redeeming quality in there somewhere.

Yep he was as arrogant as I anticipated but this was a guy that had gotten away with behaving the way he did, so again I didn’t particularly blame him for continuing to use a rouse that worked, it got him what he wanted so in his book it was a no brainer.

What he didn’t want was a relationship in any way, shape or form. While some might have been offended by the fact that he seemed to lack any form of brain to mouth filter, for me I found it funny, the fact that it appeared that even without trying he seemed to be able to offend absolutely everyone without any remorse. Now that takes skill!

But his resolve is tested when he meets Violet DeLuca, because Violet is the antithesis of everything he is and for some very strange reason he just can’t get her out of his head?
Violet is a sweet girl, but when she is foisted into the role of tutoring Zeke, I had serious reservations but I shouldn’t have worried. She was a tough cookie and more than able to handle the complications that being around Zeke brought into her life.

The author created characters that forced me curtail my opinions as I journeyed with them because they had so much to say themselves that I had to concentrate of what they had going on.

I was hanging out for Zeke to turn the corner, actually I think I was secretly praying for him to stick two fingers up at the world and turn the corner to be the man I was wishing for…did he? Well that you will need to find out for yourself.

I thought the book was cleverly creative and played with my emotions in a way that I hadn’t really anticipated, you will either love or hate Zeke but you certainly won’t be able to ignore him!

Topic: The Failing Hours by Sara Ney

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