by Addison Cole


I would describe this as being a really sweet read but don’t mistake that for meaning that there is no angst in it because much as in life itself the characters have more than their fair share of ups and downs.
Life for single mom Mira is a full to the brim with responsibilities, raising her son and working two jobs has her chasing her own tail at times but having had her fingers burned previously in the whole love and romance department, she is most definitely keen to keep her heart well and truly guarded, but that doesn’t mean that she will get what she wants because when the guy she has secretly had her eye on for longer than she would ever be willing to admit arrives back in town she finds herself struggling to play by her own rules. Matt Lacroux has always had a reputation that some would say is well deserved but that doesn’t make him any the less easy on the eye but with issues surrounding the stability of her work and of course her some Hagen to occupy her time, taking any opportunity to have a little fun for herself is so far down the wish list that it barely registers. But for how long?
Life at Princeton has been a bit of a bumpy ride for Matt lately, and whilst he has enjoyed teaching, he had hoped that someday he would take the next step up the ladder and land the Dean’s position but with that move looking like it is dead in the water, the opportunity to write his own book couldn’t have come at a better time, and he heads home for a break and to get started on his novel.
Back home and it didn’t take long for the shenanigans to begin. It had been a year since Matt had last laid eyes on Mira but time hadn’t done much to dampen the feelings that had begun to take shape all those months ago. He knew how hard she worked for his father in the hardware store and he also knew just how much hard work she ploughed into being the best mom she could be to Hagen; the kid was a genius so keeping up with him couldn’t have been easy but she managed it all and Matt admired that about her. There was a look of more than admiration that passed between the two of them and it certainly wasn’t all one-sided, because as much as Matt had feelings that he was trying to get to grips with, it was clear that Mira wasn’t far behind him!
They danced their way around each other as they tried to find a way to work out what exactly was going on between the two of them and by the time they did, the big question was, where was it all going to lead because Matt may have only been in town for 3 months but events seemed to dictate that that may have been just wishful thinking.
I enjoyed the connection between the two of them and I especially loved the way he was with Mira’s son, he was so much more than his reputation implied.
Well written with engaging characters this was a great read that pulled on my heartstrings as it did its utmost to emotionally unravel me.

Topic: WHISPERS AT SEASIDE by Addison Cole

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