Broken Boundaries

by Kaitlyn Ashley

Ok, so what can I say about this other than congratulations to the author for this her debut novel.

Now, I extend my congratulations, in as much as not everyone has what it takes to put their story out for others to read and pass judgement on, that takes bottle and for that she has my respect but I would like to say that I think the copy of the book that I read, could have done with a strong beta reader to give some guidance and maybe a good review by an credible editor because it had some issues that impacted the flow and because of that it was difficult at times to get a handle on where the author was heading with this one.

The whole synopsis is not new, siblings (brother and sister) and brother’s best friend and that whole not overstepping the boundaries of getting involved with the brother’s sister/best friend whichever way you are looking at it but at times the prose did the story very little favour actually, told from alternate points of view I found it a little flowery…wordy so to speak and unfortunately a tad monotonous at times.

But please don’t think I hated every second of it, because that simply is not the case, I think the story  has promise and I will read the next book because that ending was cruel!

You won’t be surprised that this book ends on a cliff hanger, with it being the first book in a series, but what might surprise you is the path that the author takes the characters on to get to that ending.

She put a lot into the story and it was a fairly sweet read but it just seemed to have its running shoes on and in my opinion it didn’t give the character’s time to settle into the story and get across what they wanted to say. I also found their intimate times were thrown over a little too quickly and that is one part of a relationship that definitely doesn’t want to be rushed!

But I don’t want to come across and being a downer, for a debut work I think the author shows promise, I think the story has merit and I look forward to seeing where Hunter and Kylie end up, I also look forward to seeing whether this might have played out better as a single standalone novel, I often have to read novella’s/short stories back to back to get the best feel for the story, to give myself time with the characters, so this will get a second read when the next part comes out and I may get a better feel for how not only the story but the author works.

Hunter and Kylie are struggling with the “just friends” situation but would they find a way to work through the limitations that they seemed set to put on themselves? I certainly hoped so because their procrastinating was enough to have me narking at my kindle, telling them to stop letting others stand in their way!

As the book progressed, so did they but it was a far from smooth path that they were on and I have to say that I had my fingers crossed for something other than what I got…I will say no more because we are back at that ending again! It caught me unawares and I would have to say that it took its toll- it was a tad emotional!

But can they whether their storm? Make their way through their trials and tribulations? I certainly hope so in Kylie and Hunters case.

 I look forward to the next book, I need to know what happens now!

Topic: Broken Boundaries by Kaitlyn Ashley

Date: 27/09/2020

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