Damned Sinner

by Jami Denise


Rebuilding is the name of the game and when it comes to moving forward, Vince has a plan.

This demanding, intensely sexy and powerful man is on the bounce, determined to find his way back up after he finds himself at rock bottom.

Life has kicked Vince around and now this sexy arsed man is determined to let nothing stand in his way back to the top.

I have to say that I found Vince to be an amazingly diverse character.

He shows fortitude and acumen that few would fathom and that to many that has experienced his past would have the stomach for.

But Vince has more fight in him than 10 normal men, but Vince is far from normal and in his book failure is not an option, he will have everything he has ever desired back again, and it will be bigger and better.

With Jayne by his side, he crafts his empire with exquisite perfection and fills it with nothing but the best. The most beautiful women, the most sinful surroundings and the focus on the most basic of pleasures and nothing else.

But with all this laid before him, Vince experiences a blip in his plan when he sets his attention on Kelsey Franklin, because this young woman has the power to be Vince’s kryptonite.

Kelsey is a beautiful girl and she stirs feelings that are alien to Vince, the knowledge that despite everything that he has every known, every feeling and emotion that he has ever felt, this woman draws to something on the most basic of levels within him, the need to possess, the need to own, to love and be loved, and for that love to be complete.

I loved the book, the phoenix from the ashes vibe that I could attribute to Vince in my own way, the fact that this man refused to just give up and the fact that no matter how big, how tough, how rich or how poor, we all fall the same when love holds you in its sight!

The book is a determined read, one that holds its own and takes you on a journey that while not completely smooth sailing, is a really gritty look at a man that is prepared to fight for everything he wants.