by Carly Phillips

A short snappy little number that chewed me up and spat me out the other end with a smile on my face and totally in love with Austin Rhodes!

Austin has had his fingers burnt badly when it comes to the whole love scenario and with a daughter to care for, he is no rush to tread the tightrope that a relationship would bring into his life… now I was totally in awe of this strong sexy single father but that doesn’t mean that I was totally onboard with his insular opinion. His ex might have played his heart like a fiddle and left him bruised but tarring everyone with the same brush and swearing off women or should I say relationships just wasn’t cutting it for me. After all no man is an island and all that!

Mia was the perfect woman for him, and he knew it he just didn’t want to admit it, after all she was an employee but when her circumstances take a turn for the worse and her past threatens her present and in turn impacts Austin and his daughter, his role as a bodyguard with Alpha Security take on a whole new direction and she is so much more than just someone that works for him, she is his ward and it is his focus to protect her…at all cost.

As expected, nothing is smooth sailing because when they have to spend time together their options are limited to say the least, but Austin I stubborn guy so where their connection was going to take them, was anyone’s guess but I definitely had my fingers crossed.

With enough angst and attitude to keep me turning pages, this brought plenty to the table, it flowed beautifully and while there were twists that were at times easy to foresee, others caught me more off-guard. Just one thing before I go and that is that I have to say, as much as I loved the story and the relationship between Mia and Austin, it was the relationship between Austin and Bailey, his daughter that totally stole my heart, the author wrote a story about a man that totally embraced his life as a single father and that relished the time that he spent with his child.

Topic: TEMPT ME by Carly Phillips

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