Chasing Casey

by Jane Anthony

From the blurb I don’t think I got a true impression of just how emotional this book was going to be.

While I hadn’t read the previous book in which there are some cross over characters I don’t particularly think I dipped out on any of the intensity because if the bundle of tissues that were strewn on my bedside table were anything to go by, this had more than enough going on in it for me.

Casey is trying to move on from her past, forging her own path with one clear goal, keep her head down and just get on with being Casey, she isn’t looking for anything from anyone and she certainly isn’t looking for a relationship but AJ is persistent, and being in close proximity at work isn’t helping the situation either. So it wasn’t necessarily a case of if but when she gave in and they started to see each other.

But as you would expect by the title, everything doesn’t go smoothly but that isn’t actually because of anything the two of them have done, nope the pressure is put on from an external source, from events that they or should I say Casey could have never foretold an unexpected death in the family that leaves her with a tough decision to make…stay and be with AJ or head home to Texas to take care of what is happening there?

AJ is a really great guy, he is everything Casey could possibly want and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get to know Casey, in every sense of the word but is it all over before it really had the opportunity to get started, will he lose Casey to her ex-fiancé now that she is back in Texas?

I liked Austin but he was an ex for a reason and despite the fact that he seemed certain that she belonged with him back in Texas and was pulling out all the stops to ensure that she knew exactly that, I didn’t want him to win…petty perhaps but she left him once and he didn’t follow her, he didn’t fight for her, he just didn’t and that for me meant that she wasn’t important enough to him, but would it mean the same to her or would the familiarity of her home surroundings and family pull her back to where she was and where Austin wants her to be now or will what she could have with AJ be all that she needs, I hoped so but the author played a very clever game and kept me guessing right up to the very end.

The emotional push and pull was superb, the formula may be tried and tested but the delivery was far from it.

Great story, with a strong resonance and a bucket load of emotion

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