Lawless by T M Frazier


PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ KING and TYRANT – you need to have the whole picture, honestly you will not be disappointed.

I think, I wish I could tell you that I have recovered from what I have just read but the truth is I don’t actually think I ever will.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I flicked over the front cover but that is not because I hadn’t read the blurb – I had but I hold my hands up and admit that I took none of it in, and having finished the book I am glad that was the case.

Add a cover that is just quite simply stunning and yep I am that shallow when it comes to having a drop dead gorgous guy to gawp at and the name TM Frazier on the cover and my family knew they had lost me until the book was over and they either had to console a snivelling wreck or calm a raging lunatic.

In reality I closed the book and sat dumbfounded and shell-shocked – and I am not sure they knew what to do with me!

The previous books brought Bear into the light but this one covered the darkness that he battled with on a daily basis.

Their story spanned enough time that it was highly probably that most would have forgotten each other but this enigmatic man made an impression on this woman when she was a mere child and she never forgot, in fact she kept him close to her heart every day.

Bear belonged to the MC where his father was the Pres but Chop was far from father of the year material, the man was the devil incarnate.

Bear believed he belonged, he understood the way of life, it coursed through his veins and he stood tall beside those that stood for everything he believed in… until one day he didn’t and that realisation was life changing in every way possible.

Thia was the little girl that grew up remembering the colourful man that not only made an impression, but gave her his word and his promise.

When her life spirals in a direction that was beyond anything I could ever imagine…she was back to collect the very promise she had held onto.

And that is where the fun and games begin or perhaps that is the wrong analogy because what they have between them is far from being fun and games, it is life or death. Their connection was forged all those years ago but when they meet again the chemistry now cannot be contained, no matter how hard they try to fight it.

Bear made his promise and he is determined to keep it but his situation being outside the club brings its own danger, so while he steps up to keep her safe…who is watching his back?

Thia’s situation starts off traumatic and believe me it doesn’t get any better, her first foray into the MC looking for Bear and ending up at the hands of Chop left my chin on the floor, honesty Ms Frazier where do you get this from it is seriously more that I could cope with!!

But once the book it its stride so to speak, the blows just kept on coming and I was left completely punch drunk, I wasn’t sure that my heart would be able to cope with what I anticipated was about to unfold around me, little did I know just what the rest of the book was going to do to me- it broke my heart and left my soul in tatters!

The phrase tortured souls could have been penned for this pair, they had so much excess baggage that it was like they were drowning in quicksand, they were slowly being sucked into a hole that was weighing them down and adhering them to not only the horrors of their pasts but the dangers that those events were impinging not only on their here and now but also on their future.

I will say that the ending was a shock to the system, and it has me wanting to start counting down the hours never mind the days until Soulless is released.

I can’t tell you what happens with this pair, not that I wouldn’t love to but after the hundreds of books I have read and reviewed this is one that I am worried about being able to do justice to.

I don’t think I have words to be able to adequately articulate the brilliance… this is a book that it was my honour to have read.

I adored King and Tyrant and but Lawless …jeez, just lost for words.

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