Razor's Edge by Racquel Reck

Razor’s Edge by Racquel Reck

Life has a way of giving you just enough to deal with and this is none more so that with Morgan and Shay. Despite the mistakes that have plagued them in the past neither of them are inherently bad people but they have been through the mill and just about hung on!

Touching subjects that some others are reluctant to venture near, Racquel takes us on the ride of a lifetime – a ride that gives us all the gory details  and leaves us to determine what to do with them.

Emotion emanated from each and every page!

And at times it had me thinking I couldn’t take anymore – you will need rather a large bottle of alcohol and a suitably huge box of tissues to see you through the book but it is worth it in the end.

Shay – OMG what a woman – and bloody hell what a mother! The intensity with which she lives her life belittles the trauma that she has endured at the hands of her ex but it shows the ferocity with which she will protect her son Ben – and isn’t he an absolute little dude! He steals the show on more than one occasion.

Working with her sister in law and cousin in their tattoo parlour, Shay is doing all she can to make a better life for her and Ben, it is there that she meets Morgan Desario – and boy, oh boy – does that man have a story to tell.

The product of a completely horrific childhood – child of a junkie father and alcoholic mother Morgan is an emotional time-bomb. But can Shay defuse him or will what happens between them light his touch paper?

I loved that there story was not all plain sailing and that what they had together took work – they were worth it for each other, even if they both had to get over some huge hurdles to make it in the end.

For a first novel this was a good as it gets- first class characters, a meandering plot that kept me guessing all along the way and just the hint of anticipation around every page.



Rating 4.5 out of 5