Alpha by Jasinda Wilder


Alpha By Jasinda Wilder


Life can be a cruel mistress at the best of times but when your options are limited – what’s a girl to do!

Never one to back down from a challenge, Kyrie St Claire has had it tough since her father’s death- and talk about kick a girl while she’s down – life is just about to lay the boot in.

Maxed out and up to her eyes in debt with a sick mother and a younger brother to provide for Kyrie, has now officially run out of money and is just about to run out of time.

Losing her only source of income, a pitiful temp job – leaves her on the verge of ruin – eviction from her home is imminent along with the fact that on top of all the other debts hanging round her neck, she has no way to pay her college fees or that of her brother.

But what if you have a secret benefactor – what would you do if a cheque for $10000 turned up in the mail just when you needed it most -  To Cash it or Not – that is the question – but if you have run out of options –I say one thing - where’s the bank!

12 cheques and 1 year later, the benefactor is ready to collect. What is he collecting – well that is easy – he’s collecting Kyrie.

Kyrie’s mysterious saviour sends his right hand man to “collect” her and he makes short work of packing her belongings and delivering her to the New York home of his mysterious, reclusive and seriously wealthy employer.

The man in question is hyper vigilant and not wanting Kyrie to know who he is just yet, he insists that  she remains blindfolded when she is in his presence – a little extreme perhaps but he wants her to get to know him before he reveals himself to her.

Why on earth all the cloak and dagger shenanigans, well all is revealed all in good time and believe me when it arrives – it will knock you on your arse - it’s an absolute doozy.  But by that time it’s too late, both of them are in too deep.

Valentine Roth is a huge man in every way – a self-made man who while he may not “stop at nothing” to get what he wants – he certainly isn’t adverse to manipulating the situation in his favour.

Kyrie and Roth have a brief history (miniscule really) but they have a tie that binds them together but one that may ultimately tear them apart.

Roth demands honesty but when he practises what he preaches – will it be his undoing?

The story is told in such a way as you can’t help but feel invested in their relationship. As unusual as the circumstances are they are good together.She brings out the normal in him and he lets her see that she is so much more that she perceives herself to be.

Roth tells her constantly that she belongs to him – but the feeling is mutual – his heart was lost to her years ago and this tells the tale of how he remedies his past and reconciles Kyrie into his future

The book is steaming hot – Holy Cow – the sex is absolutely off the freaking charts!!!

But above all the story is just downright insane and brilliantly intense!

This is about blind trust, how much of yourself you have to give - to get what you didn’t know what you really wanted in return.

Valentine and Kyrie will keep you on your toes but most of all they will make you ask yourself - how far would go in their situation!!!!

This is written with Jasinda’s usual eye for detail and attention. Proving that she really is a master of her craft.

Rating 5 out of 5