Use Somebody

by Beck Anderson


A romance novel that has just that, Romance at its heart and in my opinion you will be hard pressed to find a better example anytime soon.

Agent to the stars Jeremy King isn’t exactly used to the quiet life, but when his friend packs him on vacation, it isn’t the bright lights of Vegas or any such place on the itinerary, nope Jeremy is in sleepy Idaho.

There is nothing not to love about Jeremy, he has the who alpha thing going on and why not it works for him or at least in Hollywood it works because Idaho…. not so much!

Because the woman that has caught his eye is having absolutely nothing to do with him, this time he is going to have to work his charm like never before. Will he? And more to the point will it work?

Macy is as far from interested in the likes for Jeremy as you could possibly be, she likes her life just the way it is and has absolutely no interest in the Hollywood hotshot holidaying in town. I knew this pair would give me everything I was looking for and they didn’t let me down.

Macy was pretty defensive but that wasn’t going to deter Jeremy and I have to say I actually quite liked the fact that he was willing to put himself out there, she wasn’t taken in the trappings of his lifestyle, the way he carried himself or the expectations that he had, she was comfortable in her own skin and if anyone had to change their modus operandi it was going to be Jeremy. I loved watching him evaluate the situations and trying to work out what to do next.

This was almost a redefining, a story that showed the grown of Jeremy as an individual, he had to take stock of the fact that this strong woman wasn’t willing to be at his beck and call, she wanted her life the way it was and he was going to have to find a way to fit into that and not the other way around.

He made me smile, his internal monologue showed the workings of a gloriously endearing man as he took almost toddler steps towards a proper relationship with Macy, Yes, he screwed up at times but I thought that only added to his charm. They had a lot to work through but it was fun to watch them as they pottered their way towards a relationship that was only ever destined to be beautiful.

Beautifully written with a depth of feeling that isn’t easy to find I have to say that the author delivered on all fronts, this was a fabulous read.

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