HELL by Elena M Reyes


This is a sexy read and I really hadn’t anticipated just how much I would enjoy it.

Joshua (also known as JT or Yoshi) is a seriously fine specimen, a smoulderingly sexy man who has it all going on!

He is sharp with both mind and body, oh and what a body it is. No gym bunny here ladies, this man has earned his muscles the hard way by hard graft.

Day after day on the building sites have given him a body built for sin – but he is so much more than a pretty picture, he is one clever cookie. But he has a mouth that refuses to engage any sort of brain to mouth filter and constantly ends up putting his foot in his mouth, really at times I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss or kick him.

Janelle is the woman that has the capacity to bring him to his knees but there is a problem, she’s his boss but for Joshua he has no such issue because from almost the first time he claps eyes on her, he is smitten.

I liked Janelle, she was a balls to the wall woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it, and the world around the pair of them was set to ignite when they got it on.

The connection between them, well I’m not 100% certain I would be able to put the words down to do it justice, it was feral. Completely consumed by each other there wasn’t a hope that they could deny what was as natural as breathing.

I love the way the author narrates the story from a male perspective and I have to say she completely nails it.