Conflicted by MM Koenig

A story of secrets and lies, of standing tall and making every day count.

Mia ended up being booted out of college through no fault of her own, her good for nothing ex meant that when they showed her the door, she was gone for good. But when she gets the opportunity to set her life back on course, while perhaps not what she wants to do, it is a case of needs must and as such she takes the job.

But like they say when one door closes another one opens and despite the circumstances, her new job brings her more than she had considered because it is through it that she meets Ethan.

Ethan is fairly quiet, keeps himself to himself, he has a history that you immediately want to unravel, he was a little like Mia in a lot of ways, keeping people at bay wherever possible but there is a chemistry between the pair of them that is undeniable, but unfortunately in this case I have a feeling that it will take a lot more than chemistry to find them a happy ever after, because this book has enough twists and turns to cause you whiplash, it is full of lies and deceit and you will have no option but to inhale deeply and count to ten just to stop yourself hyperventilating .

I mean how much shit do you have to have piled on top of you before you eventually stand up for yourself and call time on it all, because dear lord, this is a mountain of pain in these pages

I liked Ethan, he was a great character, charming and strong, easy to fall for and the author pitched him just right because he was easy to get attached too. Mia well she was harder to get a handle on, I thought she needed to just grow up much of the time, she allowed others too much control and seemed content to take a back seat a little too often for my liking but I have to say that I liked her resolve.

The peripheral characters were necessary to add dimension to the story, and they really did make all the difference. I also have a sneaky feeling that a few of them will have a lot more to say in subsequent books... yippee.

Overall a good read, it has potential to grow and I hope that, that full potential is realised in the next book.