In Daddy's Custody

by Ava Sinclair

I must applaud the author for the style that she brings to her books, this was a fabulous read, beautifully emotional, especially the connection between Lillian and David, I loved the pair of them.

Lillian knew loss from an early age, because when she lost her parents, she effectively lost her big brother too as he transformed from sibling to parent almost overnight and it was a new dynamic that Lillian really struggled to get to grip with. She didn’t want to be just like him but that was all he knew, so leaving was all she felt, and it was no surprise that she left as soon as she could, but truth is that when she finds David, she hasn’t really gone too far because he used to best buddies with her brother.

David recognised the connection between the two of them, but he also recognised that there was a lot more that Lillian wasn’t saying, and he was sure that in time he would eb able to find out why she was being so secretive. I worried that he might push her too far, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The care and consideration that he showed her was amazing, he was willing to stop at nothing to be the man she could rely on, her knight in shining armour…he certainly had me swooning!


Topic: In Daddy's Custody by Ava Sinclair

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