by Tijan

With a style that continually evolves, Tijan has a masterful touch when developing characters because no matter the story there is always a hook that burrows deep under my skin and refuses to let go and with Addison and Cole I was again captivated by not only who they were but the intensity of the story that the author wrapped around them.

From the outset this was an edgier than normal romance, not because it had a Mafioso theme so to speak, no more that it had an almost unquantifiable intensity that continually built from page to page. The story seemed determined to devour me, every beat, every sinew bound tightly as this clever plot surreptitiously unravelled.

 There was a depth of emotion in the book was bone-deep. It will leave a mark on your very being, packed with drama you really are going to have to hang on tight and the love story tears not only from each and every page but also batters away at even the hardest heart, this is one that will define and defy.

The path that Addison and Cole were on was traumatic to say the very least, they tested not only each other but those around them and in search of their own happy they had to first face the hell that they had not only in their past but hunting down their present. It is impossible to label Cole, he was an enigma right up until Addison finally got her glimpse at the truth, a look at the whole man, would she see him for the man she had come to love?

Well, I didn’t know if it was possible but the love she had for him was one that wasn’t willing to roll over and play dead, it hitched up its knickers and made darn sure that she got her man, the intensity that there was between the two of them grew stronger almost every day but with danger comes worry and Cole’s worry was that he couldn’t protect Addison and that was something he was willing to do at all cost.

Something had to give and when it did the fall out was explosive.

A root me to the spot read that I devoured in one sitting and that was quite simply exquisite!

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