by Emily Snow

If you haven’t read the first book Fiction, I think it may be an idea to do so, not that this doesn’t read well as a stand-alone…it does, I just think that you much more out of the story with the additional information that having read Friction brings.

The connection between Mateo and Jamie was superb. They were alike in many respects, neither of them willing to back down and both more than capable of standing their ground when necessary. But that wasn’t all that reinforced their connection, they complimented each other perfectly, I especially liked the fact that they were able to cut loose and laugh together…oh and it didn’t hurt that their physical relationship was off the charts.

I don’t know what I expected from the story but I do know that I hadn’t anticipated it being quite so emotional, while the story took time to build I found that, that only added to my enjoyment, it gave me time to appreciate not only the chemistry but also the tension that the author had managed to pepper throughout the story.

Jamie is a strong smart woman who longs for the picture-perfect family, a loving husband and children and initially Mateo is on the opposite side of that fence, with no desire to have anything to do with having a relationship but he wants Jamie and is willing to give up his litigation for just one chance.

So as you can imagine…it was a case of let the fun and games commence!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the dynamic of the characters and the emotional emphasis. While I may not have cried ugly, ii did shed more than a few tears with the pair of them but I also found myself laughing at them and their antics too…a superb mix that was thoroughly entertaining.

Topic: Distraction by Emily Snow

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