Heartbreaker by Melody Grace

A standalone second chance romance with more than a little bit of angst and a drop dead gorgeous rock star heading up the attitude…what was there not to have me diving head first into this story as soon as it hit my kindle, absolutely nothing that’s what, so I leapt in and never looked back, it was fabulous.

Finn was Eva’s past, one that she has lived without for longer than she would have ever considered possible, but when he left her all those years ago without a word of goodbye she was left nursing a broken heart that she still cradles desperately to this day.

Only now the thought of what they had is something she cannot escape, not when she is constantly reminded of the man that, that beautiful boy she once loved has grown to be.

Finn hit the bigtime and is living the dream but it is one that has a huge piece missing and now 5 years later he turns up to correct his mistake, but is he too late?

Eva has a world of hurt to sort through but Finn is determined to prove to her that despite his reasons, and he did have them, he knows what he did hurt her but he is back for her, nothing else, she is his missing piece but the anger she harbours could prove too much to overcome, I could only hope that she would hear him out.

The author drew some beautifully evocative scenario’s, she gave the character’s substance and made their world spring to life with a heady mix of angst and attitude.


Topic: Heartbreaker by Melody Grace

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