The After of Us by SR Grey

There are sometimes when all you want it to settle down with a good read and to let your imagination run riot, this is that book. It is an easy read, one that doesn’t take much thinking about, one that will make you think rather than knock your socks off. Not to say that it is tame because on a few occasions it is more than capable of getting the old pulse fluttering.

I was a little on the uneasy side about Will, he rubbed me up the wrong way on more than one occasion, not that he did anything particularly awful, he was just a self-centred a$$.  But could this particular leopard change his pots, well we were about to find out because Will was about to learn that his life as he knew it was officially over…he’s a daddy, to the most adorable little girl, the beautiful Lily.

Could he step up to the plate and change his ways, you bet your backside he could. It was almost meteoric the pace with which he went from jack the lad to super dad. He took to it like a duck to water and the smile on my face juts got bigger and bigger.

But would he face parenthood alone or would he find love. As is often the case, you don’t find love it finds you and it is on a visit to his brother’s home that he finds what he didn’t know he was missing, when he reconnects with Emma. They had been a bit of an item when they were teenagers but it never really amounted to anything, certainly not on his part anyway but once he is back in town with his little girl, there is no option but for him to reacquaint himself, after all she does run the day care.

From the get-go it is obvious that there is something there between them, something that never had its opportunity before and that this time it isn’t taking no for an answer.

This was a really sweet read, and I know that might sound clichéd but I mean it as a compliment, it was beautiful to watch Will fall in love not only with Lily but also with Emma.

To see him change his mind set, to re-evaluate what mattered and to make the responsible choices, not easy always easy choices and having a child to take into consideration he had to view almost everything with  a fresh pair of eyes.

But a word of warning, you will need tissues, I sobbed for that poor little girl, the things that Lily must have experienced, having been left strangers, handed over to a man she knows nothing about with absolutely no explanation that he is her father, that blew my mind, I got that her mother was a druggie but OMG, I would string her up by her fingernails!!!

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