Give Me You by Caisey Quinn

My dear lord, what a book!

Corin had a childhood that was and is best left consigned to the past, side-lined by a mother that should have been the one to protect her, she struck out on her own when she was a mere teen but her naivety led her from one bad place straight into another.

But college was her escape clause, her chance to have normal, to be like everyone else and make a future, so packing up everything she had in New York, she headed west to sunny California and a brighter tomorrow.

Now, with her education planted firmly on her to be done first list she had no thought for anything else really, especially not men but when Skylar Martin crossed her path, well the goalposts were well and truly moved.

Skylar is the goalie for the soccer team and has had the sort of upbringing that Corin could have only ever dreamt off, the stuff that idyllic childhoods are made of and being turned down is not high on his agenda, so when Corin kicks him into touch he sees a challenge!

Skylar wants more than the friend zone that Corin has parked him in but does he have the patience or the inclination to stick at the relationship for the long haul or will he get sick of being just friends…well it would have been a pretty short book if the answer to that was he gave up now wouldn’t it!

The longer they are around each other the tougher the friendship is to contain, to keep under lock and key so to speak, it starts to seep into everything they do and the chance of it remaining purely platonic goes straight out the window. But when their secrets and past are uncovered is it all over before it really has begun?

The angst and attitude that course through the story was really intense, the characters had a lot not only going on but to contend with, I was on the edge of my seat more than once and in tears a lot more than that.

But it wasn’t all attitude there were a number of really sweet moments and more than a few that made me seriously chuckle to myself.

With some superb secondary characters, you will be hard pressed to find fault with what can only be described and an emotionally intense story.

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