Landing the Air Marshal

by Jennifer Blackwood


Who would have known that a fear of flying would result in probably the best weekend of her life, certainly not Abby!

Abby is in the air and on her way to check out a potential filming location but since she has a morbid fear of flying, getting there in one piece without gnawing her way through the arm of the chair will be a major achievement. Luckily for her she is “comforted” by a friendly fellow passenger, the handsome Gage.

I wanted them to have it all but it took off at such a pace I wasn’t sure that they would be able to keep up. The attraction between the two of them was off the scales but that they had was always on a countdown, its expiry date was looming and they both knew it. Could they find a way to pick up their weekend and have a long distance relationship…heck was that even what they wanted?

I could have kicked Gage when he was the one to walk away, believing that it was in Abby’s best interest…fool! But there is something there that just won’t let go, wont give him peace and when he eventually sees sense, it was definitely California calling!

The story was a quick read and I think that because of the pace of the relationship I was ready for the end when it came but what I wasn’t ready for was the fact that I thought I was missing a chunk of their history, I wanted a little bit more of what made them tick as individuals.

Well written and certainly engaging this was a super way to while away the hours.

Topic: Landing the Air Marshal by Jennifer Blackwood

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