by Ava Harrison

I had only read one other book by this author before diving into Sordid, so my expectations were somewhat limited but they aren’t now…because Wow!

This was a complete surprise, nothing was what I expected and that made the whole story just jump off the page.

The story was meaty, the intensity was through the roof but OMG it as so worth it. I felt totally wrung out by the time I had finished. Emotionally spent, this was a story that I would highly recommend to anyone…no scrap that to EVERYONE.

I thought the story was cleverly crafted, piecing together a pathway that was totally captivating. Don’t get me wrong when I say you may need a lie down in a dark room after reading this, it will knock the wind form your sails and do so with fleeting respect along the way.

Provocatively fabulous, Scandal was superb. Grant was glorious and Bridget…wow what a woman!

Topic: Sordid by Ava Harrison

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