Double Dirty Outlaws

by Alexa Anna

Romantically naïve, Lexi works in the wrong side of town, tending bar in what can only be described as a dive but as much as it puts money in her pocket it has also put her in firmly in the sight of some of the worst of the worst. The gangs that operate in the area are responsible for not only a spate of robberies but also a sinister run of disappearances…women have been disappearing and no-one knows what is going on.

Jake and Luke both spent time in the forces and who after standing side by side throughout their time in the military are now trying to find their feet in civvy street. And it isn’t as easy as it maybe should be.

Hired to keep an eye on not just the businesses but also the people that are being terrorised by the gangs, they just happen to be in the right place at the right time, when they catch a glimpse of Lexi falling prey to the kidnappers.

Foisted into action they step up and step in, saving her from god knows what but exactly sure what to do next they make an executive decision and take her back to their place to keep an eye on her.

Luke and Jake are not averse to sharing women but this virgin has no idea what her time with the two of them will hold and just how much of an impact they will have on her life. Because she is attracted to them almost as much as they are obsessed with her and by the time this shy young woman makes it back to her own apartment, there was never any doubt that this dynamic duo was ready to flex some alpha muscle to get their woman. And it didn’t take long!

But the book was more than just the physical relationship between the three of them and as sensational as that was, the mystery that puttered just beneath the surface was what kept me turning the pages.

Because I couldn’t help but wonder just how much would Jake and Luke would tell Lexi about their past and when she found out would it change the way she felt about them?

And add into the scenario the fact that she was almost kidnapped, I couldn’t help but wonder is the kidnappers were gone for good or would they try again…nothing was beyond the realms of possibility and if they did try to take her again, just how far would Jake and Luke go to keep her safe?

I thought the story moved at a fairly swift pace but then again so did the characters, the prose flowed easily and the plot was one that kept me guessing. I liked the fact that I got to hear multiple points of views but …and I don’t believe I am going to say this, I would have liked a little more than just the their romps!

I got that they were fabulous together but there was so much more to them that I felt I was searching for and never quite got to the bottom of and I think had I done so would have scored a little higher but as it is I think this was a solid 4 star read.

Topic: Double Dirty Outlaws by Alexa Anna

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