Last Chance

by LP Dover


Heart and head in conflict, Lara has a decision to make, take the chance at a life filled with love and happiness or continue to keep the prospect of heart break at bay. Previous pains have built walls that until now have appeared almost impenetrable but there comes a time when as an adult you have to examine the state you find your heart to be in and decipher whether you are happy or not and if you aren’t what can you do about it.

One moment is all it took to obliterate her heart but will that one moment also be allowed to keep her in heart in an almost constant state of purgatory? Will she give not only herself but Luke the opportunity to put right the mistakes that have lead them to where they are now?

Luke lives with an unerring regret for the pain that he has caused, the mistakes that he has made and the damage that he has done to his relationship with Lara, but he is willing to stop at nothing to put right those wrongs, to prove to her that she is the one person in the world that means more to him that anyone else, he doesn’t want to be without her but knows that he as a monumental task ahead of him to show her that he is a man of his word.

But will he be too late? Will another man steal her away from him or will he be able to jog her memory and to remind her of what they not only had together but could have again?

I liked Luke, the fact that he didn’t back down from the competition that Greyson played in his relationship with Lara, the fact that he was willing to fight for his second chance and to throw his comfort zone out of the window, he faced the challenges that he had to in order to win the heart of the woman that held his, for me he was a hero!

I love a second chance story, the chance to put right your wrongs, to correct your mistakes and to do and say all the things you never did the first time, all too often the door is firmly closed when things are derailed and it is nice to read that passion is sometimes unwilling to be extinguished no matter what your head may say…heart rules the roost!

Topic: Last Chance by LP Dover

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