Marred: Kyle & Violet

by Tess Thompson

If you are looking for a genuine, b*lls to the wall friends to enemy romance then this is the perfect depiction of just that, there is very little other than a healthy dose of contempt evident between both Kyle and Violet but time and tide wait for no man and this pair has a lot to learn about the fact that fate holds the upper hand!
They couldn’t have been further apart, Kyle had the world at his behest, his fortune and drive forging his way forward at a pace set by no-one other than himself.
Single mom, Violet, on the other hand, sees life in much simpler terms, her focus is totally centred on her family and her desire to protect and save the environment for the future.
When their paths cross, it was certain to be incendiary because neither was willing to compromise or, so it would appear because once they are furnished with facts that gave them impetus to reconsider, it doesn’t take long for them to begin to see another side of each other and for a different sort of relationship to take shape.
A solid read that is a fabulous addition to the series, this was a super story, thoroughly entertaining.

Topic: Marred: Kyle & Violet by Tess Thompson

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