Ask Me Why

by Harloe Rae

This doesn’t just have all the feels you could ever hope for; I seriously think that Harloe Rae has created some new ones because I don’t remember ever feeling as if my heart has been so manhandled!
I’m aghast, totally blown away by a story that left me chewed up and spat out the other side of the most amazing angst riddled story that was full to the brim with attitude and anguish. I stopped trying to stem the flow of tears but couldn’t fend off the hammer blows that steadily broke my heart. I felt bludgeoned.
The storyline was fabulous, detailed and determined, if there is a book that is going to deliver a sucker punch then this is it…be warned!
Braelyn and Brance had a life that was so complex, so consuming that it was addictive not only for them but also for me as the reader, they captivated me, I needed to know everything about them and what they were going through and I was thankful that Ms Rae didn’t leave me hanging she delivered everything I needed and more.
Braelyn has been through the mill, she has suffered more than most but is doing all she can to get past her past and forge a future, when she opened her store she was fulfilling her dream, fighting her crippling anxiety and moving on but when she meets a special young man in her store, a whole new world of wonder opens up because it is with that inauspicious meeting she realises that despite what she has in her life now.. she is lonely. But she had no idea that that little guy, the delightful Ollie would change her life forever
Brance is Ollie’s dad and he dotes on his little guy, but that doesn’t mean he is a pushover and at times it was easy to think that he was being a bit of a a** but get past the rough and defensive exterior and you have a man that hasn’t had it easy and who just wants more for his boy, he wants his little man to have a life full of happiness and despite the fact that Ollie has formed an attachment to Braelyn, Brance is reluctant to encourage the connection between the two…little does he know that Ollie has plans of his own!
Now, this was a kid with big ideas and adults that were caught in his crosshairs…you go young man!
Quick-witted, cleverly written this has elbowed its way into my soul, I loved them all.
Pick this up, you would be a fool to miss it, it’s epic.

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