The Billionaire Next Door

by Jessica Lemmon


This was a seriously funny, romantic read. I enjoyed every word and moreover I really liked both Rachel and Tag which was a win win situation for me because often one character will win me over and the other one will almost slip down the pecking order but not in this case, both of these guys were fabulous.

Rachel is working in a bar, after moving on and doing everything she can to get over the fact that her ex cost her, her last job. Life is not exactly panning out the way she thought it would so with the bar and house sitting, she is at a loose end in all respects really.

Tag lives next door to the house Rachel is looking after and from the get-go the two of them were off the charts perfect. I loved every second of the time they spent together, they leapt off the page, honestly they were everything I wanted from the two of them and then some! I thought the author did an amazing job with the two of them and their connection, she gave them the opportunity to be themselves but didn’t allow the story to dawdle either, they had me in their corner every step of the way and had they wanted a head cheerleader I think I would’ve been front and centre with the pompoms!

I can’t say often enough that I really, really liked this pair they brought everything to the story that I wanted and they did so with a style that was all their own.

Superb work from the author, this is top notch!

Topic: The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Lemmon

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