Hero Hair

by Rachel Robinson

From the minute you read through the prologue you will know that you have a winner in your hands, or at least I hope you do because by the time I finished just those few pages I was not only chuckling a snorting like a loon but I was totally in love with the story and it hadn’t even begun to hit its stride.

Neither Teala nor Macs are the type of person who is ready, willing or able to commit to a relationship, they both have their foibles and that keeps them firmly entrenched in their own worlds but while it seems as if it is just the fact that they are that they are commitment phobes almost, is that really what is going on for the two of them or is there more to this pair than meets the eye?

Perhaps they just need a journey outside their own particular box to see that there is more to life than they’re willing to allow themselves, they have to understand that they’re selling themselves short. Teala lives a life of almost solitude, through choice I may add and other than the odd one night stand she has little to do with anyone and especially men. That is right up until she meets Macs, because her organised, structured and very orderly life is about to be battered into submission by a SEAL who isn’t about to take no for an answer!

The chemistry between the two of them was electrifying, they were perfect together, that is if you could actually get them to admit that they wanted to be together. I loved the bitching, the back and forth banter and bartering, they fuelled a need in each other that for some reason hadn’t been present before but now it was, there was no chance that it was going to be fed by any other means, they had to find a way to make this work.

The words skated seamlessly across the page and I commend the author on the clarity and connection that she gave not only between the characters but also that I could feel between them and myself as a reader. They were enticing and just when I thought I had it worked out, that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel for the two of them, the direction seemed to switch and was left thinking WTF.

There were some pretty intense sections of the book that set well with the other more intimate and relaxed passages, it encompassed more than I initially thought and that made for a read that I quite simply couldn’t put down.

You will laugh out loud at numerous sections of the book and for much of it, it will be Macs that is leading the charge, he was highly amusing and totally charming.  I was captivated

With a number of super secondary characters, I am really interested in seeing where the author takes the series next but I can’t wait to read the next book.

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