by Amber Lacie

Hold on tight because this is not going to take very long!

I know there is no way I can actually put what I want to say in this review and not to spoil the read, so I am just going to say the following:


Honestly this is an author that holds nothing back, tackles subjects that others might just shy away from and she does so brilliantly.

This is Carsten’s book, I won’t just say that it is her story it is so much more than that, it is her life and it is completely absorbing.

Holden was epic…he made my heart both swell and swoon in equal measure and I think I just wasn’t to have a day named after him, totally awesome.

A splendidly complex story that is beautifully dictated, exquisitely detailed and nothing short of superb!

I wish with everything I have that you give this fabulous book the chance to show you what it’s got and when you’ve finished you will never hear ‘I got you' in the same light again.

Topic: Breathe by Amber Lacie

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