Back to Country

by Vicki Green

Give me a story with a cowboy and I will be forever grateful, throw in a feisty woman and my world is complete!

Nash was a fabulous character, a cowboy to the core he was everything I could have ever wanted in a leading man, he couldn’t help but what to be the go to guy for his friends, he was often willing to put himself out to help them out but now it was his turn to accept their assistance because now he is back in town and ready to take the helm to make sure that his dad’s dream didn’t die with him.

Tina, well I thought she was perfect, she wasn’t brash or showy but she wasn’t shy at having her say either, I actually liked that about her. She worked hard in her coffee shop and enjoyed a robust banter with the patrons but underneath she had a yearning, she had her heart set on finding her guy, who that was she had no idea but she knew he was out there for her, she just had to bide her time that was until Nash rocked up because things were never going to be the same again.

The path to their happy ever after was far from smooth, they both had hurdles to overcome but they were willing to face it all head on and since that is what it takes to forge a relationship, I thought the author was spot on with this element of their characterisation.

Like all good books, there is a mix of characters that will each entice different emotions from you as you get to grips with their impact on both Nash and Tina…in my case I have to say that I found a little corner of my soul was reserved for the Tina’s parents and the fact that I wished them nothing but harm, they were horrid!

But don’t let that detract because the story was superb, Nash and Tina not only made me cry but brought the biggest smile to my face.

Topic: Back to Country by Vicki Green

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