Never Be Tamed

by Clare James

Well, Well, well wasn’t this a turn up for the books!

I have read countless and I do mean countless books, were the girl falls for the bad guy or falls for their brother’s best friend, where relationships with the guy that has always been on the edge of the family finally gets the girl but this was a new one on me and I loved that…this was the guy falling for his sister’s worst nightmare! I had a sneaky feeling that there may be fireworks!

Jenna may not have been to everyone’s taste but she was who she needed to be, yes she had a past but don’t we all but at least she was now facing up to what she had done and been through and was trying to make things right and that in my book is to be commended. She knew she had fences to mend and that not everyone would see the reason why or even accept that she meant what she said but that was on them at least she was trying.

 I liked the fact that Michael understood Jenna, he had his own experiences that gave him an empathy for her and her situation and that made it tougher for the two of them to be apart but being together was far from an easy option.

This is a story of time and tide, of taking what is needed and doing what is required no matter how long it takes to get the result that you are looking for and that meant digging in to win over those that continued to doubt her motivation, then Jenna was the mistress of the shovel! I liked Jenna, I liked her honesty, not only the fact that she was willing to suck up the past and move on but that she was willing to try at least to make amends.

Many more would have just left the debris in their wake!

The story was extra spicy when it needed to be and calming at other points and I found the flow was pitched perfectly. Highly entertaining, with characters that some may find hard to get along with but that I found hard to ignore.

Topic: Never Be Tamed by Clare James

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