by Kylie Scott

Punchy, quick read that took me right back into the arms (no matter how tenuously it may have appeared) of the Stage Dive crew and I felt delirious, I have always loved the guys in the series especially Mal, so I can only say that I was practically salivating with every little morsel I could get.
Mae was a great character and I really liked that the story was told from her perspective because she certainly had a lot to say for herself.  Life as a supermodel was just what you would imagine it to be, but it came with its fair share of problems too and Mae had a major issue that refused to go away…a stalker that had a liking for the quite frankly gross! I mean what’s with sending bloody cow hearts to somebody…please!!!
Anyway, Mae lives in the same block of apartments as the Stage Dive guys but it is another man who enters her life that soon has her rethinking life.
Ziggy Thayer was hired to keep Mae safe and I have to admit that getting a step by step, blow by blow account of what she thinks of him really tickled me. Her interest was definitely piqued but with everything else whirling around her it was far from obvious whether they were actually going to get their act together and turn their relationship from professional to passionate!
When the gloves came off… the pair of them left nothing to chance, this was a connection that was ready to fly.
I was surprised just how much detail the author managed to get into a few short pages, as I can imagine that it is never easy to ensure that you give the reader enough to get their teeth sunk into... this did just that and I loved it.

Topic: Closer by Kylie Scott

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