Deathstalkers MC Boxset

by Alexis Noelle

Below you will find my reviews for the first three books of the series, all read and thoroughly enjoyed - this is MC Writing at its very best!!

Corrupted- Book 1

1. Do not think about this, if you are at all worried about triggers, then really you need to stop reading now – this is not for you.

On the run searching for both solitude and safety are words that no-one should ever utter in the same sentence but when they are in reference to a child, the abhorrence of the situation is magnified to a level that is beyond comprehension.
But those words are the reality that Lucy faced, the uncertainty of the street was far more appealing that the certain torment she knew she faced every day at home. Escaping the never ending misery that she endured at the hands of those that were supposed to love and protect her was her only option and to that end she did what she had to do and she took off.
With no place to go and no money to survive on, she took shelter in what she thought was an abandoned warehouse.
When she is found she is left with little option but to literally beg Jordan to take her with him, to protect her so to speak from the danger that she knows will be hot on her tail.
But can he, can he protect her, well that is the task that is issued to him and all the while he has been warned that she, is off limits to him no matter how much the guys can see he wants her.
They both have a ton of growing up to do, but she is a child and those that are now swore to protect her are mindful of that fact.
Could her saving grace come in the shape of a MC prospect with his own share of problems? Only time will tell.
Lucy’s life was a car wreck of the highest order and it was a tough one to read but it was one that didn’t pull any punches, but could she balance what she was experiencing now, with a group of people who considered her family and were willing to do whatever they had to in order to protect her, with the past that she had endured and the emotions that had been indoctrinated.
Lucy almost broke me, I didn’t think I could read anymore of her pain, it was too traumatic, but I was lifted by the strides she took to become a stronger woman, she faced her inner demons and while she may not have completely conquered them she was working on it and more than a match for them when they threatened her sanity.
Some of the situations that were described had me shaking my head in complete disbelief, they were brutal. But for me I would not pencil this was being a gratuitously explicit novel, it was emotionally explicit and it was brutally graphic, I will give you that but it was with reason and moreover with explanation and both of those points helped me to understand the gravity of both the situation and its consequences.
This isn’t ever going to be everyone’s cup of tea, we all know that but for those of us that enjoy a book with a little less sugar coating and like to have something that is going to shake us to the core every now and then, then this is one that you will be hard pressed to forget in a while.
From the mind of an author who is certainly more gifted than anyone individual should ever be allowed to be, this was a book that was too good to put down, too intense to ever forget and to brutal to ever forgive…this is will make you think and that is never a bad thing!

Heinous - Book 2

Book two in the Deathstalkers series, this is Alexis Noelle flexing her well worked MC muscle. When it comes to badass bikers, this author seems to be able to tame some of the best in the business.
Twisted is the Deathstalkers VP and he leaves nothing behind when it comes to protection of his brothers and his club and when it comes to women, his room should be fitted with a revolving door because he has absolutely no interest in anyone keeping his bed warm for longer than one night.
But there is more to this alpha bad a** than he lets be known and a troubled childhood that he definitely prefers to keep to himself. All that might be about to change when he meets Nikki, or Firecracker as he prefers to call her because his onetime only rule is about to become history.
Nikki is up to her eyes in secrets, and with almost a time limit on her ability to have the future she wants, she is living to the max while she can, although it takes a while to get the real reason as to what is actually going on but can she open up to Twisted enough for him to be able to actually help her out or will she fight his inherent need to protect her.
I liked that Nikki is a smart, sassy woman, she was a fabulous character. They were two halves that when pieced together fit perfectly, but getting them to a place that they could be happy with was not an easy path to tread. They both had skeletons and demons to overcome, some more terrible than others.
They have an understanding between the two of them that almost defied description, Twisted was able for once to let someone in but was what they shared going to be enough. Could she give him the loyalty he craved or would her past drive them apart?
An astonishingly raw and dramatic series that keeps getting better and better.
Tracie and Torch are next up in the series and after the little look at what is to come, I am counting the days

Chaos- Book 3

When it comes to a good MC read then you need look no further than Alexis Noelle, this woman gives her biker guys a voice that few others could possible manage.
Her guys leave nothing on the table, when it comes to their club, their brothers and their women they are all in!
This pacey read leaves you in absolutely no doubt that when the going gets tough, you can rest assured that the Death Stalkers are in hot pursuit.
I love the fact that the story shows these guys at their very best, it shows the raw power that they have together and the fact that when push comes to shove you can’t move them all and to get to one of them that is exactly what you would have to do.
The years have not been kind to Tracie, she can’t move on, broken by a brother that wasn’t the man he should have been, she is continually plagued by the events of that time but despite the fact that the club kicked him out she isn’t willing to see that not all bikers are the same. She doesn’t seem to be able to change how she feels.
I really felt for Tracie, I had a tissue by my side much of the time as I read the story of a woman that was just so sad, so broken that she was almost hiding in plain sight, I was certain that it would take an absolutely stellar man to show her what it was like to be the centre of his world and when her business is burgled, the man that she needs is the one she can’t hide from anymore because he refuses to let her.
Torch…OMG the guy was exactly the man I wanted for her, he wasn’t perfect but I think that made him perfect and the fact that he has respected her boundaries for so long despite the fact that he has had feelings for her. But keeping watch on her from a distance just isn’t cutting it any, Torch is ready for more and he isn’t willing to wait it out any longer. Tracie needs to know that she needs to get with the program because when it comes to what he wants…that comes in one size only …her!
I liked the fact that they both got to tell their story from their own points of view, I also love the fact that there is more than just their romance going on in the story, they club is being threatened and there is a new club making waves for them, how the Death Stalkers deal with that is a parallel storyline that gave the whole book more substance. The air of apprehension and urgency meant that not only what was going on between Torch and Tracie has a clock ticking over them.
Could the club discover the truth in time to safeguard the brothers and the club?

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