Make Me Believe by Karen Ferry

This is a book that is beautifully crafted, completely indulgent and sensationally simplistic, all the while packing a punch that you will be unable to shy away from.

Emma and Daniel are super characters, they have a depth that the author goes to great lengths to develop.

But there is an air of intrigue that surrounds them both that immediately draws you as the reader into their world.

Emma has a bit of a kick to her character, she seems streetwise, more socially aware, although not entirely comfortable in it but Daniel on the other hand came across as the quintessential shy guy.

The two of them were the sort of characters that society would normally determine should never be together but don’t they always make the most engaging of couples, this pairing is proof to us all that somewhere out there, the person that completes us is just waiting to fall into our life and no matter our preconceptions, they will find their way to us.

Together they were two halves of the whole.

Emma is living in Denmark, studying and working having left her family at home in England. Daniel is related to the owner of the bookstore where Emma works and moves into the flat next door.

As a dyslexic student Daniel who asks Emma for help tutoring him as he prepares to start his studies. It is the first tentative steps towards developing what grows into being a very comfortable friendship but was always going to morph into so much more.

I like the vulnerability that the author loaded into Daniel’s character, the fact that he was the antithesis of what we would expect the normal hero of books in this genre to be, they are usually so self-confident and assured, many of them are so alpha and macho that you would be foolish to consider that a credible hero could be anything else… well think again ladies because Daniel is everything they are not and I loved him for that!

I struggled slightly with Emma in the beginning, I was more confused about the way she was than I would have liked, but I suppose that was because the author just seemed to keep Emma’s secrets very closely guarded.

When they are eventually revealed, I could understand the whole scenario better but it wasn’t until her brother’s arrival in Copenhagen that I honestly felt as if I got to see the woman in her entirety, completely laid bare and it was then that she found her place in my heart.

A super read that has now brought a new author to my one-click favourites list.


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