The Eagle

by Jillian Dodd


Hot on the heels of The Prince this is almost as full on. The story was so smooth; the writing was every bit as fabulous as I have come to expect from Ms Dodd.

At the start of the book we catch up with Huntley as she is taking time out but her mind is never far from her final goal, the opportunity to exact revenge on the person that took her mother’s life. But while that is where she ultimately plans to be, she has other problems to deal with first because things are beginning to become more than a little complicated.

Paths change and loyalties and affinities become blurred. I was thrown by the level of conflict that Huntley was exposed too and completely aghast at the deception that bubbled away under the surface of the story, the intimation and innuendo was exquisite.

Who exactly should she rely on? Can she actually trust anyone?

Of course Huntley isn’t all work, she has a personal life and it’s a complicated one at that. I enjoyed the fact that she was almost oblivious to what and how she really feels about both the men in her life. I think the author was able to give a realistic view on the emotional naivety of forging your way through the minefield that is young love.

Can I say any more, well yes I suppose I could but it wouldn’t make any difference, this is a book that everyone will take something different from, I think I got more from the anticipation of events, from the angst that was eluded too and from the fact that I thought in many ways that the author was almost encouraging me to create my own scenarios, mind you, my internal musings were so far off the mark on so many occasions I was ashamed!

A solid, strong and ultimately engaging main character that I am really hoping to read much, much more about.

This is a book that was superbly written and wonderfully creative, and as a huge fan of Ms Dodd I think I may have found my favourite of her works to date.

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