The Final Temptation by KC Lynn


It may have been a long wait to get to this  story – but then again the last three books have hardly been a hardship as the series to date has been superb but I am delighted that finally book 4 – Final Temptation – is here because I have been itching to get my hands on Cooper and Kayla.

And I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed because this pair were certainly everything I had wished for.

The story is a retrospective reflection on how the relationship developed and since it initially kicks off on their wedding day, I think it is safe to divulge that using all her feminine wiles Kayla has her nailed her man and is putting a ring on it!

Now I do say Kayla got her man because while Copper dilly dallied around the whole relationship that was on offer, Kayla knew that she loved him from practically the second she saw him.

I laughed so much as the story wound its way through the steps she took to get Cooper to see that she was his happy ever after.

Cooper on the other side spent much of his time fighting an inner battle that was as crazy as it was futile, I mean he never stood a chance- she pushed all his alpha buttons and loved every single second of it!

The story was a hoot and I think that was the most refreshing aspect of this the final book in the series because we have spent time invested in the series and this due to the nature of the way it has been written could very well have appeared to just go over old ground but I am happy that the author was smarter than that and gave us a story that was as creative and enlivening,

The wedding setting gave the opportunity to catch up with the other characters from the previous books and I have to say it was just fabulous to read a story that championed the true meaning of friendship.