Abe by M J Fields

Good things come to those who wait and patience is most definitely rewarded because the journey that we have been on with all of The Men of Steel has finally lead us to Abe and boy, oh boy is he worth the wait!!

Always busy, Abe doesn’t do time off, time to relax and just chill but with the other guys settling down he decides that he can finally take some time and cut loose.

Abe O'Donnell is a powerhouse and always has been, never one to let the grass grow under him he is constantly busy, this guys is business to the bone but resting his weary bones is the order of the day, so he packs himself off to Florida for a much needed break but soon discovers that his peace and quiet is not all that peaceful when he decides to take a dip in what he thought was his private beach/pool.

Neighbours were not on his agenda, but when Abe meets the full complement of young ladies that are sharing his beach, he finds himself with feelings that are a tad unexpected, and wakes up after one night with the delightful number “four” to find that she has gone, disappeared into the night. Not one to take this sort of behaviour lightly, he packs up and head back to the office, all thoughts of number “four” suitably banished to the realms of history, or so he thinks.

Has the one that might just have been right for him slipped through his fingers …. Or has fate got a hand in his future?

Nikolette is “four” the girl from the beach house in Florida but what neither Abe nor her knows is that they are about to become rather more familiar with each other all over again and not in a way that either of them would have originally anticipated. Because Nikollete has just started work at the local newspaper and her first assignment – is to interview none other than the most eligible batchelor in town .. Her mystery man from Florida…. Abe!

This pair are smoulderingly hot together but this is one feisty female, she gives her man a run for his money and keeps him not only on his toes but their relationship honest. Abe has attitude in spades, look up alpha in a dictionary and there could very well be his picture there as a description, but she can cope with him and is not averse to dishing out attitude when required. Abe is fabulous, he knows what he wants and does what he has to do to get it but he can he deal with “four” sass and can she handle the enigma that is Abe!

This book is simply Fabulous!!!