by Heidi McLaughlin

I loved the concept of the storyline, giving the old adage of a holiday romance a refresh, bringing it bang up to date.

In the hands of Heidi McLaughlin, I had every right to feel both safe and secure and I am happy to say that she didn’t disappoint because this thoroughly modern romance wasn’t just steamy it was sensitive. I thought the scenario was one that was easy to get to grips with and the characters were easy to not just like but love.

Jade is holidaying solo in a bid to shake of the remnants of a relationship that ended when her ex was less that complimentary about both her and their time together…so Bermuda is her opportunity to have a little for herself, to veg out and enjoy a little R & R.

Jay, too is on a much-needed vacation, his life much like Jade’s is totally full on and taking time out for himself is all that he has on his mind…well at least he thought it was until he met his beautiful neighbour, Jade.

So, with just a seven-day vacation, they were both about to learn that a lot can happen in a week, especially with Heidi McLaughlin at the helm!

This pair set themselves up for the most amazing week, they have their rules and they are dead set on the fact that they intend to follow those to the letter, but can they stick to the plan or will their “sexcation” turn into something neither of them can control?

In this you get to see the mayhem and aftermath, when Jay realises that what happens in Bermuda doesn’t have a hope in heck of staying in Bermuda and he sets out to do everything he can to find her?

Can he and if he does what response will he get when he turns up in Jay’s life all over again?

This was so much more than I had anticipated, I thought the author gave the two of them a lot to deal with. She tackled the fact that Jay had suffered at the hands of bully’s during her teenage years and wasn’t shy at showing us just what effect that had, had on Jay as a woman. She expressed eloquently the impact on Jay’s self-esteem but also ensured that at the hands of Jay she was left with no doubt that’s he was a beautiful and desirable woman.

Jay was the man for her that much was obvious from the get-go, I loved the fact that despite the fact they had agreed to the “rules” he really struggled with the fact that he knew he was lying. This was a man that I would like to meet!

Started out on a bit of a dull note but that was the shadow that was needed to ensure that the rest of this beautiful story shone!

Topic: Sexcation by Heidi McLaughlin

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