Crossover by Paige Matthews

Past regrets play a huge part in this story, we see that no matter how much time has passed, feelings that have never really been quelled, will raise their head and refuse to be silenced.

Life should have been everything this young couple could have possible wished for six years ago when Gabe and the band were just about to make it big, they were in love and as happy as they could have possibly been but inside Faith was losing one thing – herself.

Faith broke Gabe’s heart when she ran, leaving him with nothing to go on and no chance of finding her – heartbroken he did his best to track her down but when his attempts proved fruitless, he locked his heartache inside and carried on with his life – never forgetting his woman.

Now, Six years later, their lives take a turn for the unexpected when Faith turns up on a job with the band.

Can they survive the pain that resurfaces?

Can they be this close to each other again and not combust!!!

Who knows but it sure is one hell of a ride to find out because the one thing that has not diminished over the 6 years is their reaction to each other, it is positively chemical – they are meant to be together but the pain that Faith caused Gabe when she left him has eaten and continues to eat away at him inside and he will be damned if he is going to let her do it to him again.

Gabe doesn’t play fair when it comes to being around Faith every day but they have to be professional and make the situation work.

Truth be told Gabe at times could be a bit of an arse and I could understand where he was coming from, she owed him a long overdue explanation.

They both had secrets that were long overdue for sharing!

But in the end he had to make a decision on what he wanted because the only person that he was hurting was himself, Faith had no power over him – only he did – he had the power to either move on or finally make her see that she was his woman – always!  

The story evolved in such a way, that I could see that the love they had was always present but it took its time to resurface completely. Their passion was visceral – it oozed from the pages – it made me want to keep turning each and every page, it kept me awake until I had finished the last word with my fingers crossed hoping that they could find a way back to each other.

Paige Matthews has delivers a fantastic story of love lost and love found, about second chances at having your happy ever after.