Today's Promises by SR Grey

Being free doesn’t always mean what you would think. Just because you can walk down the street doesn’t mean that internally every step isn’t tearing you apart. Your true self, burdened and tormented, that is no way to live.

Flynn and Jaynie are together but at what cost? Can they survive the perils that are placed before them, they have faced hardship in the past but will they have to face it again?

I wanted nothing more than a happy ever after for this pair but I really didn’t think I was going to get it.

I suppose if I had to sum the book up I would say it was inspirational, there were a plethora of emotions that I could have used to try to convey exactly what I took from the story but most of all I would have to say that the book left me with a positivity, a feeling of not only hope but also gratitude.

Flynn and Jaynie, oh my good lord, where to start. They had so much going on, so many influences and experiences that I didn’t know if I was going to be able to absorb most of what they were going through. The author threw enough twists and turn into the story that while I won’t say it was impossible to keep up, it certainly kept me on my toes!

I felt for Jaynie, really she was such a conflicted character that at times I wasn’t sure that she was going to be able to come out of the story unscathed, emotionally she was stronger than I thought even she knew, and as much I knew that Flynn was willing to be her rock, the man she could rely on it was obvious that she was there for Flynn too, whether he was willing to accept that or not.

Their journey was one of learning to let go, to overcome, to persevere and to accept. It was one that showed the best that love can give and the tragic circumstances that can be overcome if your will is strong enough.

As I would expect from this author, the book was stunning. Beautifully written and not too flowery, it said what it needed to in exactly the right way, it didn’t embellish or fluff, it laid it all out and did so with absolute aplomb.

BTW: Loved the twins!

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