by L.P. Dover

I must say that from the outset Lacey wasn’t my favourite character, not only was her history with Maddox more complicated than it needed to be but in my opinion, it was pretty much of her own doing, although you wouldn’t get that impression if you listened solely to her point of view.

Two years on from waking up alone in Vegas, Maddox Ledger is in possession of some very important information, namely who his runaway wife really is! And finding a way to resolve the situation is far from easy but then again, nothing about his marriage to the errant Lacey Easton could possibly be considered easy.

When Maddox joins his teammates wedding party, he soon crosses paths with the elusive Mrs Ledger, and this time the penny drops and he realises that his wife and his teammates sister are one in the same…Oh!

The connection he made with her that spring break resulted in not only a wedding but also by him waking up alone the following morning with nothing to show for the previous day’s activities…I mean nothing – no ring, no certificate and no wife!

So now that he knows not only who she is but where she is, he has a decision to make on what step he should take next. I felt sorry for him, Lacey was quick to point an accusatory finger but very reticent to accept that the majority of the blame for the situation they were in was caused by her, he hadn’t asked her to sneak off before he woke that morning, he never asked her to lie about her name, it was all too complicated and she was at the root of it all.

I liked that Maddox was willing to tackle the situation head on and that he confronted her, but what I didn’t like the fact that Lacey threw the two years that they had been apart back in his face, what planet is she on, her precious heart being hurt by the women he has had in his life after she left him…really woman get a grip!

I will admit that she shredded quite literally every nerve…I could have throttled her and I was pleading with him to put an end to her moaning. I didn’t like that he was willing to let her call the shots on their relationship, on the path they would take back to each other, I thought it showed that he was willing to let her walk all over him when I believed that he would have done anything bit.

I think you may have got the impression by now that Lacey was a pain in the a**, I wanted Maddox to grab the situation by the throat and show her that what they have could work and that keeping it a secret (which she insisted upon) is just a fool’s errand. He had no issues showing who he really was and his emotions but for much of the time I didn’t like that he was wasting his time with Lacey. But the heart wants what it wants and in his case, he wanted her and was willing to do what it took to get her, I liked the determination that he showed in that respect, I just prayed that she would see that the man that she could call hers was the man that many women would have run over hot coals to have by their side.

I thought the story was written well but I really struggled with Lacey but saying that Maddox more than made up for that negativity, I thought he was superb.

Topic: Playmaker by L.P. Dover

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