Unrequited by Jen Frederick


Not a scenario that I am ever likely to encounter being the only girl in the family and after reading Unrequited I actually am quite pleased I have a tribe of brothers! Because boy, sisters sure can screw with your head!

The story is about Winter and the struggle she has evaluating the long held feeling that she has for Finn O’Malley.

Nothing odd there I hear you say and no you are right there is absolutely nothing odd about it but when you factor in the fact that Finn used to date Winter’s sister then the scale of weird just rocketed.

Now never having been in that situation and never like to be, I have to say that I would have just thought it was a given that you don’t go there – bit like dating your best friends ex – not cool but I suppose when you have harboured a crush for years it is safe to say that what you have is far from ordinary and sometimes that just is enough to say damn it and jump in.

Finn and Ivy dated in High School but school is long since over and while he held them together during the toughest time they had faced losing both their parents, He is in a similar position now following his father’s passing.

Not one to make light of the situation, I wasn’t keen on the fact that the initial approach was during this event in his life, I mean he is vulnerable and all that – if it was a guy who did this would there have not been and outcry about him taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable woman, does the same not apply – no matter what or how strong he appears- emotionally he was grieving and that should have been respected.- in my opinion and it left me a little narked with Winter.

But what did I know because it was Finn that came out the other side of their night together fighting for what he not only wanted but needed – Winter.

Just a shame he took his own sweet time getting round to telling her initially.

The book is a contradiction of both timings and feelings – both want each other but she runs off after their night together and he take two months to get his act together and go after her -I mean really!!

Finn knew he wasn’t ready to call it a day after just the one night and not really one to play the field (apart from his derailment after his father’s death) he knew that she was who he wanted to be with but you can’t just wipe out your past and his time with Ivy is enough to plague the pair of them.

I have to say that Ivy really got on my nerves, she was a self-centred, recovering drug addict who failed to see that 5 years ago she had let the best thing in her life slip through her fingers and now that her sister was on the verge of finding happiness couldn’t see the jealousy she was surrounding herself with was completely unjustified!

I liked that Finn was prepared to fight for Winter eventually – to step up to the plate and show her that together they have what it takes to make it despite the past connections. He fought hard and relentlessly to make sure that Winter knew where he saw his future.

Honestly the man is tenacious!!

I struggled with much of the story but I have to say that I liked Finn, he was a good guy. Winter took some time for me to warm to but eventually I got there but as for Ivy well someone bring me a bat because she needs a smack upside the head!