Quarter Mile Hearts by Jenny Siegel

The last thing Leigh Storm wanted to do was fall in love with a racer, after all, the ones she already knew had wrecked her life......

After her Uncle died in a car crash, her Mum blamed her Dad, walked out on them both and was never seen again, to Leigh, being a racer was a bad thing.

She left town as soon as she was old enough, got a crappy apartment, an even worse job and a boyfriend who was to be fair, a bit pointless.

Then she got the call that her Dad had been injured and she made the journey home, not knowing that this time she would never want to leave again.....

Max Manwhore Morgan was a couple of years older that Leigh, a serial player and worse than that, a racer.

She is what she considers to be a quiet, girl next door type and can't understand why any boy would like her, his reputation is the Love them and Leave them kind.

What only the 2 of them know is what happened the night before she left town.

It's something she tried to forget but can't and something he doesn't want to forget, after all he fell for her the first time he saw her.

When Leigh realises Max works at her Dads garage and that she can't avoid him anymore, they fall into a relationship that neither of them thought they would ever have.

When old enemies interfere with her new happiness and she finally has to do the one thing she never wanted to do, if only to save her Dads business, will it test what they have or bring them closer together?

Can a love be real that starts on the Quarter Mile and will it last, only time will tell.

I loved this book and give it a 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue