Defining Love- Vol 3, by Elizabeth Reyes

I will keep this short and sweet because to be honest anything more would give too much away.

Gathering up all the loose ends from the previous volumes, this ties it all together, I won’t say in a neat package with a bright shiny bow on top because nothing that this pair have been through is bright and shiny, they have left heartbreak in their wake but has it all been worth it and can they get the happy ever after that they have been heading towards.

Illuminations and recriminations, lust, love and longing this volume has it all.

Decisions made, they finally admit to each other that they are willing to forgo what they each have with Mia and Edi and give the love they have together their ultimate attention.

But that is easier said than done, well for one of them anyway and in a way I found myself resenting Henri a little, I had felt every bit of angst and emotion and self-deprivation that she had because of the situation with her and Edi and her and Aaron and yet despite her rhetoric it sounded to me like she wanted to have the best of both world. Come on woman, do me a favour!!

The events in California will leave you aghast but the epilogue will leave you agog!