by Alexis Noelle

My go to MC author has done it again and pulled another stonker out of the bag!

If anything this just might be the best of the series so far and if I have said that about any of the previous books than you will just have to forgive me because how was I supposed to know that each and every book was going to be better than the last!

Life in an MC is all that Ryder has ever know, so when his club is no more, he has an uncertainty hanging over him that is far from welcome, that is until the Deathstalkers extend an offer for not only him but  few of his brothers to join them…while this is an offer not to be refused, it does mean that he is going to have to face not only a town he never wanted to set foot in again but more than likely the only woman that he not only let into his heart but he will admit to himself that broke it and him in the process. Megan was all he ever wanted, yet couldn’t keep.

The same might have to be said for Megan, in as much as Ryder was the guy that she has never recovered from, her heart still aches for what they had and what they lost but when he steps back into her life, they were going to have to find a resolution and they were going to have to do it very quickly.

I liked the fact that they had a conflict of interest almost, Ryder was looking or some creative account as he sought to get a handle on the club finances, Megan was looking to move up within the firm but when she discovers that their latest client is none other than the man she was struggling to get over, her next move was one that she was going to have to consider carefully…after all not for the first time, her future may just rely on Ryder!

Megan always believed that Ryder had been the one to walk away …but for him the opposite was his version of the truth, she had left him…so, who had the wrong end of the stick?

And that is when the truth of what really happened comes to light!

They had a lot to work through in order to find their way back to each other but while there wasn’t quite as much angst and attitude in this story as there has been in some of the other books, their journey wasn’t all smooth sailing, they had to figure out not only what had happened in their past but what that was doing to their future…and the author was able to throw them a curveball that really switched things up a bit!

As with the previous books, the secondary characters play a solid role in this book and I loved touching base with them again, this is a group of characters that I would love to spend the day with….never a dull moment!

Topic: Sever by Alexis Noelle

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