by M. Malone & Nana Malone

This had me screaming, quite literally because I just want to sit down a get immersed in these characters and yet I continue to torture myself with these snippets, a fleeting visit to Noah and Lucia was all that was on offer and get I was so greed that I just had to take it and couldn’t wait until I could get stuck in.

The relationship between Lucia and Noah was far from easy but I’m sure that, that comes as no surprise. I actually, liked that about this pair, they seemed to almost coax not only the best but the worst out of each other, it made for very interesting reading!

The impact of Rafe’s death is still being felt and Noah didn’t exactly like that the more Lucia went digging for the truth the more he was having to divulge the things he thought he could keep with him forever. But Noah wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable, Lucia was rattled by some of the information she uncovers about her beloved brother, he wasn’t exactly who she thought he was and there were significant chunks of his life that she had no idea about…but what impact will that information have on both her and Noah?

Well that was the kicker because Rafe’s secrets only added to the danger that Lucia was facing and increased the pressure on not only Noah but also the other guys from Blake Security because their task of keeping her not only safe but alive is far from easy and getting ever more complicated by the minute.

Keep your wits about you with this one, it darts off at tangents and things aren’t always what they seem, the plot surrounding them all gets deeper and deeper with each page but it isn’t all angst and attitude, there are more than enough moments of steam and sensuality…with another book pending I may just be a basket case by then!

Topic: Shameful by M. Malone & Nana Malone

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