Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

Against The Wall - The Maverick Montana Series by Rebecca Zanetti

Book 1 - a complete chance find and what a surprise! Loved it.

I never throught I would be one for a good old fashioned cowboy story ( not much call for cowboys here in good old blighty) but how wrong can one girl be!

This was an absolute revelation - I can honestly say I am now a convert to the cowboy.

Jake Lodge, Cowboy, Legal Superstar, Kooskia tribe member, and smoking hot Father of One! is an immovable force when it comes to Sophie Smith - Golf Course designer and self depricating Artist.

Sent to convince the tribe that their land would not be ruined by the construction of a Golf Course by a large consortium, Sophie's trip to the country means that her life would never be the same again. Literally swept off her feet by the handsome Jake Lodge - the tribe, the town and the land all have other things in mind for her.

Fate is a beautiful thing and when these two meet it is most certainly fate. Life should conspire against them but Love is on their side, and is getting more than its fair share of assistance from the local community.

Ruthless in the Courtroom, Jake shows no mercy when it comes to saving the lake and his tribes land. Sophie on the other hand has bigger fish to fry and her relationship with Jake looks destined to go the whole hog!

Rattled by the repercussions of their actions and the impending impact that will have on their lives, both Jake and Sophie realise that they are two pieces of the same puzzle- they are connected - they just fit in a way that has to be pre-determined.

A fast, raunchy novel that whips through a guantlet of emotions,I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating 4 out of 5