Game Changer

by Jami Davenport

This a battle of not only the sexes but wills!

Hunter McCoy, (Oh boy what I wouldn’t give to spend an hour with that guy) was a stubborn as a mule but he had no idea that his female counterpart was just about to tear through his life like a Tasmanian devil and take his heart with her for the ride!

Kate Carrigan was Hunter’s match in every way and I think she knew it but she had bigger fish to fry other than massaging not only his but her own ego, she had her family history to salvage and that meant dealing with the famous Seattle Steelhead, now racehorse owner Hunter.

Something had to give between the two of them I was just hoping it wasn’t going to be an epic heartache that broke not only them but me in the process.

Hunter’s horse was an odd on favourite for the Kentucky Derby but like with everything in life it wasn’t an absolute certainty until it crossed the finish line and getting there was going to take time and patience, something Hunter isn’t exactly known to possess. Add Kate into the mix and the ensuing madness was always going to be not only entertaining but eviscerating, this pair could chew each other up and spit the remains out without a second thought, or so it would seem but was everything as it appeared because the tension between them had them wound up so tight, I felt as if they were ready to snap at any minute.

They had little option but to tackle the walls that they both had built around themselves just a little bit at a time and by chipping away it seemed as if they could eventually see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. It was slow work but I couldn’t help but will the pair of them on, they were perfect for each and I think they tried too hard to deny it but they were fighting a losing battle…the question was who would crack first?

I will admit now that I loved watching this feisty pair get what they deserved…each other!!!! and as an added bonus I also got Lilli and Cam’s story too which I really enjoyed.

A real winner!!

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