by Ruth Clampett


A well written, cleverly worked book that brought elements of life that are often overlooked to the fore and beautifully incorporated them into a story that was a breath of fresh air.

I liked the fact that the story had such a strong female lead. Trisha stood her ground in a field that was a male stronghold, she might have been the only female firefighter on her watch but she was no token gesture, she held her ground and the guys respected her for it, even though they had managed to give her the nickname T-Rex. I think I might have had something to say about that!

But as tough as she is, emotionally she is finding things harder to keep on an even keel, she found out in the most devastating of ways that her husband is being physically intimate with another man. The rug well and truly pulled from under everything she thought she knew, everything she believed is smashed to pieces and she is left reeling.

But she is not alone in the domestic strife department, her boss Joe is also facing up to life on the other side of divorce. Now I liked Joe from the get go, he was a straight up guy, called it like it was but hid a gentleness that was perfect for Trisha.

It was obvious that Trisha had never considered the type of man that Joe was, why would she, she never knew what was going on with her husband but once she actually takes a good hard look at the guy she too can see that he is a really good guy. But work place romance is sensitive ground, especially is such a testosterone filled environment.

I liked the fact the author took time to show the real Trisha, time that I needed to work out exactly what was going on inside, what lay under her surface and it was a woman at odds with not only what she was experiencing but what that betrayal had done to her, it had buried a doubt in her that she was fighting to shake off.

A solid read that has introduced me to a new author that I am now heading to amazon to one click some more!

Oh and one more thing, if you don’t fall for Joe while you are reading the story that Trisha has to tell you, just wait till you get a load of him in the epilogue…I could have melted into the page.

Topic: Burn by Ruth Clampett

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