by Kylie Scott

The second in the Larsen Brothers series, Kylie Scott has brought another fabulous contemporary romance to the table. And despite it being the second book in the series, you will be pleased to hear that you do not have to have read book one to make sense of this one, it standalone beautifully…although if you have the chance then I would really suggest giving book one: Repeat a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Anna is involved in a road traffic accident, and although she survived her past didn’t, she lost more than the recovery time from her wounds that day, she lost her memory and having recently awakened from a coma, she is finding life tough to come to terms with, especially the fact that what she knows that what she once had is now gone and despite the fact she can’t actually remember exactly what that was, it is till tough to deal with.

After a few months she finally feels up to talking to the other person involved in the accident, little did she know that her plan to say her piece to the man she had forced off the road that day would transform her life.

Told from Anna’s point of view it was lovely to read her inner thoughts on the whole relationship from the very start with Leif. She had so much to overcome, her memories had gone but when she discovered that her husband was far from faithful, she really was starting all over again.

I liked Leif, I liked that he had purpose, that he had stayed with Anna whilst she was in hospital, that he had taken time out of his day to stay with her, to read to her, to just look out for her and despite the scars of the injury that he had suffered his heart was pure gold, but he wasn’t exactly struck on anything more than friends, so this romance had a way to work it magic before this pair got any sort of happy ever after

The epitome of friends, Leif was the first to offer her a place to stay when she needed help, but keen to keep things less than romantic, it didn’t take long for the pair of them to reach a point where denying where this was heading as an impossible task, overcoming their past hurts and getting to a place where they could be comfortable calling what they have more than just a physically intimate friendship, they had work to do.

The story was positive, it had a strong undertone of not just family and friendship but also love and understanding. Both the characters had experienced more than most, but they were packed full of determination and with the authors, gentle touch they were able to allow their chemistry to positively sizzle.

Highly recommended